When can I access my Storage Unit?

You can access your unit anytime 24/7.You will be issued with your personal Swipe Key to open the XS Storage security gate.

Can anyone else access my storage unit?

No. You are the only one who has a key to your unit.

What can I store in my unit?

If it fits, you can store it. From business documents to furniture, appliances, and sports gear.

How do I book a unit?

If you know what size unit you are looking for you can reserve a unit today over the phone or by using the Request A Quote service on this website.

Can you help me move in?

We are not a removal company, however we have a list of reliable removal companies we can recommend. We also provide a single axle covered trailer free of charge when moving in.

How do I pay?

You can pay by automatic payment, bank deposit/direct deposit, cash or cheque. For long-term storage we recommend setting up an automatic payment to ensure you don't miss a payment.

How long do I have to stay?

The minimum rental period is one month.

How much does it cost?

Our self storage units are very affordable. The cost depends on the size of the unit. To find out more please Contact: XS Storage.

How secure are the storage units?

Very. Security measures include fences, monitored security gates and CCTV surveillance cameras. Please contact XS Storage for more details.

How soon can I move in?

Today, if we have a unit available.

Is insurance included?

The contents of your storage unit are not insured by XS Storage. If you already have household contents insurance your goods may still be covered. Check with your insurance company.

Is there a limit on how long I can store my goods?

No. Your storage agreement will extend automatically each month after any agreed rental term until you choose to terminate it.

Is there anything I can't store?

For health and safety reasons we do not allow fresh food, chemicals, flammable substances, explosives, firearms or illegal items.

What happens when I no longer need my storage unit?

We require at least one months notice in writing confirming that you are terminating your agreement. Any unused rent will be refunded directly into your bank account.

What paperwork is involved?

You must sign our storage agreement when you move in. This is a legally binding document, outlining the terms and conditions of your occupancy.

When can I access my storage unit?

You can visit your unit as often as you like with your 24-hour security access.

When do I have to pay?

Payments are a month in advance. The first payment must be made on or before the day you move in.

Will I receive invoices?

We do not normally provide invoices as your storage agreement is an ongoing tax invoice, however we are happy to email or post you a monthly invoice if required.